humm, If you want to know why I haven’t been posting more about OpenCV. It’s because for a while I have been using SDL(Simple Direct Media Layer )  Very powerful library to work on making 2D games.There are 2 of us working on this project for now  , This a Mario Themed game with 8-bit music and better graphics :D.


So I will be posting SDL 2.0 tutorials for now.

Things to think upon.

I have been thinking about the next post.Well actually not thinking, I have been trying out things for the next post and I realized that teaching you guys all the hardcore maths stuff related to OpenCV will pain you (me as well).So i have decided not to go into too much depth on the maths involved in the functions such as canny , sobel and others I will just teach you how to use them, but will also provide some material to those who are interested in learning more and exploring deep into this.

according to me this will be useless(for persons with weak maths background), so i will just tell you how to use them.good and easy way to handle stuff like this 😀