Programming ? Where Should One Start?

Which Programming Language should i start with?

Well this question is certain to arise when one starts Programming.
The answer to this is pretty simple as well, follow these simple steps and you shall find your path.

1.> First of all Explore your interest , your likes and dislikes.
for example, If you are interested in websites why not start web developing.
languages that might help you are PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, AS3.
Perl, Ruby, Python will help you in server side scripting.

–>If you are interested in Gaming and want to be a Individual Developer(Individual Developers are less success full you require a lot of skill) you can choose AS3 as your primary language which is used to develop games on Flash , you can Port your code easily on Android , Web and other Devices(If you use AS3).

–>If you wan’t be a hardcore game developer and likes to work with a team you can go for C++.(the level of C++ you know is useless for game programming not Entirely but some of it or maybe most.)

–> If you want to get a job at companies like Twitter , Google , Facebook then you need to extremely good at programming and Algorithms (Analysis, generation and Implementation.), You can try Websites like CodeShef and TopCoder which organizes coding challenges, you will get hired instantly if you get in top 200’s(or a Interview).

2.> After Deciding what language you like, try to find tutorials on that Language(I will provide some tutorials too ) on the Internet, and YES tutorials on Most languages are free, I will post links shortly to some of them.

3.> Don’t Learn Multiple Languages since it’s useless(trust me on this I have tried that.). Try to become good at your current language.
Every Language has it’s own pros and cons.

//If you don’t know what API and Library is you will when you complete above steps.
4.>After Learning the basics of that language try to make a Project with a Team or Individually, Learn to use Libraries and API’s and Always give Credits wherever due.

5.> Now what ? Well you are now A Programmer. Find a Job > Get a Life || Start your own Firm.