A much needed break …

oh here I am again, blabbering about my life ;), now missing text here.  Admiration doesn’t last long does it . 😛 , also I needed time off from my projects, programming and gaming so here I am to socialize with REAL PEOPLE.

turns out spending time with friends is fun, the headache i had for a while is gone, I hope i can enjoy the new year as well. I have done so many idiotic things to socialize.

I am late but a happy xmas and a Very Happy New year..

“*insert carol here * wish you merry Christmas wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year ;)”

Tools of Trade

Following will be the tools I will be using during my Game Hacking Endeavours.Choice of tools depends on your personal preference, cash in hand, Experience , liking and many other factors.

IDA Pro : A great disassembler with many powerful features, multi platform , fast and easy to use 😉

IDA is the Interactive DisAssembler: the world’s smartest and most feature-full disassembler, which many software security specialists are familiar with. Written entirely in C++, IDA runs on the three major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

IDA is also the solid foundation on which our second product, the Hex-Rays decompiler, is built.

The unique Hex-Rays decompiler delivers on the promise of high level representation of binary executables. It can handle real world code. It is real.


Buy IDA  : https://www.hex-rays.com/index.shtml

OllyDebug : Olly debug is a debugger and one of the most powerful out there. It can be obtained for free from here http://www.ollydbg.de/ you can get a fully function Olly with all necessary plugins from here http://www.thelegendofrandom.com/files/tools/R4ndoms_OllyDBG.zip

last but not the least

WireShark : Wireshark is best network sniffing and packet capture tool available out there. which can be obtained from here http://www.wireshark.org/

and here we go again…

Now I am pretty bored so I had to find something fun to do until I get some PS4 flash dump , Network Traffic dump to analyse, no one near to me has a PS4 yet so I guess I have to wait , I could have bought my self a PS4 but I has no monies, thinking of getting a part time job though, that would make my life less miserable.

So what’s new ? well Game hacks they are pretty fun especially one of my friend “Convery” always tells me to start working on making hacks, I guess now I should start with that. Upcoming blog entries will record my deep divings into Game Hacking, Reverse Engg.

All thanks to Convery I am into this 🙂

Next post will be about tools of the trade involved in game hacking scenes.