Living life on how I decided to

Last year I promised myself I won’t back off from opportunities, chances that come knocking. I am happy to say that I am living upto that.
Recently I met a girl via an online dating site, one of a kind (that’s what they all say right? well not quite) Intellectual, rational, girls you rarely come across, anyhow point is she was very far away from where I lived and relationships require a connection which online shit doesn’t help with., online stuff just doesn’t work out, she might think I am an idiot for pursuing her for so long but I guess it all goes back to the promise I made to myself, “Never to have regrets”.
Anyhow if you ever come across this post I am sorry.
I have given up on finding love online, maybe life is better alone. who knows.
Another shitty rant by a guy with no social skills, Life is Hard.