I am lud .

I am a computer enthusiast, yet another plain, old, boring guy. I love to learn.

I am trying to learn Japanese and Russian(NEED TO START ON THIS!), except the part that me being 23 and having no real life skills, Life seems to be in pretty good shape, I have stopped worrying about the future and I try my best to enjoy my present. 🙂

What you can e-mail me about : computers!, anything fun, offensive content you find on my website, a word of appreciation, you know me (sure I would love to get in touch), interesting things to talk about.

People I admire : NTAuthority, c0ldbird, dark_alex, thelegendofrandom and of course my few best friends™.

Contact me at : ludkiller[at]gmail

(PS: I suck at english. also Modern World™ sucks)

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