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It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams. – Gabriel García Márquez

via Dreams… — La vie en rose🌹


Thank you all

Thanks to all the people who read my blog, provided critique and underwent extreme mental torture (making sense of my writing) as English is not my first language and I suck at it.

I want to thank all of you for being so awesome and bearing with it.

(I think we need to thank people more for all the little things they do in life to make others happy, appreciation does wonders)

Thank you again



With love from India

(PS lud in Bulgarian means insane and in Hungarian means goose)

The most illogical thing to do

Often I am asked about how I am so focused, productive and active, and I always tell people how easy it is to be focused, productive and active, You just gotta do “The most illogical thing to do” at that moment.The key here is to not listen to your body, instead forcing your body to do the opposite. (Obviously this won’t work in every scenario, but you can apply this in almost every situation where you feel angry, sad or lazy).

Easy three step process

  1. First think of how you are feeling right now, Is it sad, angry, lazy.
  2. Think of the most illogical thing you might want to do
  3. Just do it!
  • Assume you are feeling angry, what you would feel like doing is getting angry on someone, using profanity or beating someone up, so the most illogical thing to do is not do either of these, you gotta force your brain and your body to not give in to anger.
  • Second scenario, Assume it’s early morning you don’t want to get out of bed, you body tells you to relax and let time pass, don’t listen to your body, do what’s the most illogical thing, get up, storm the front, exercise, take shower.

There are plenty of similar scenarios in my life where my mind tells me to do things, but my body won’t cooperate, so I force it to cooperate.

At first your body will be like “No, this won’t happen, not in my reign”, but if you keep at it, It will soon obey all your wishes. Our body wants to be lazy, don’t let it have what it wants, you need to deprive it of comfort and push forward like there’s no tomorrow.

It took me months to master this process, But I am loving every bit of it.

This along with few religious rituals (religious rituals as in things you must do every day , like finishing something before you go to  sleep.) will boost your productivity.

PS: Read Deep Work @ Amazon, it is a lovely book. thought don’t take in as is, adopt what you like, leave rest of the stuff out.

Abundance vs Scarcity

As my new life unfolds and my old one fades away (college sure was interesting :3) , I would like to link to an article I read recently.


(PS : I love raptitude, almost all of his posts hit me like a fucking truck, the language is so simple and effective.)

I would like you to take few minutes out of your busy schedule (pffft, everything is priorities is what I believe, but anyways) and read it.

Out of self-defense, many of us easily settle into scarcity thinking, finding a paradoxical sort of comfort in the idea that there’s never going to be quite enough of anything. We apply this basic idea to all the areas of our lives that matter: Doing what you love for a living is a pipe dream! All the good men are married already! This world is going straight to hell! The good jobs go to people with connections!

We’re always going to be dealing with real limitations in life, but we create a lot of suspiciously absolute beliefs to prevent ourselves from actually bumping up against these limitations. The fearful part of the mind knows you don’t have to have the experience of failure or disappointment as long as you believe trying is a waste of time.

A much needed break …

oh here I am again, blabbering about my life ;), now missing text here.  Admiration doesn’t last long does it . 😛 , also I needed time off from my projects, programming and gaming so here I am to socialize with REAL PEOPLE.

turns out spending time with friends is fun, the headache i had for a while is gone, I hope i can enjoy the new year as well. I have done so many idiotic things to socialize.

I am late but a happy xmas and a Very Happy New year..

“*insert carol here * wish you merry Christmas wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year ;)”

Programming ? Where Should One Start?

Which Programming Language should i start with?

Well this question is certain to arise when one starts Programming.
The answer to this is pretty simple as well, follow these simple steps and you shall find your path.

1.> First of all Explore your interest , your likes and dislikes.
for example, If you are interested in websites why not start web developing.
languages that might help you are PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, AS3.
Perl, Ruby, Python will help you in server side scripting.

–>If you are interested in Gaming and want to be a Individual Developer(Individual Developers are less success full you require a lot of skill) you can choose AS3 as your primary language which is used to develop games on Flash , you can Port your code easily on Android , Web and other Devices(If you use AS3).

–>If you wan’t be a hardcore game developer and likes to work with a team you can go for C++.(the level of C++ you know is useless for game programming not Entirely but some of it or maybe most.)

–> If you want to get a job at companies like Twitter , Google , Facebook then you need to extremely good at programming and Algorithms (Analysis, generation and Implementation.), You can try Websites like CodeShef and TopCoder which organizes coding challenges, you will get hired instantly if you get in top 200’s(or a Interview).

2.> After Deciding what language you like, try to find tutorials on that Language(I will provide some tutorials too ) on the Internet, and YES tutorials on Most languages are free, I will post links shortly to some of them.

3.> Don’t Learn Multiple Languages since it’s useless(trust me on this I have tried that.). Try to become good at your current language.
Every Language has it’s own pros and cons.

//If you don’t know what API and Library is you will when you complete above steps.
4.>After Learning the basics of that language try to make a Project with a Team or Individually, Learn to use Libraries and API’s and Always give Credits wherever due.

5.> Now what ? Well you are now A Programmer. Find a Job > Get a Life || Start your own Firm.