Rise of abstract thinking; Death of Curiosity

Rise of abstract thinking; Death of Curiosity

Abstract thinking kills logic.
(Now, I am putting this up without any research, It’s a hypothesis that I want to prove in near future through analysis and sampling, more so I would call it an observation.)

I have been thinking about curiosity, We all had it once (kids still have it) but as we grow older we get less curious (What could be the reason behind this?).
Why so? I question, probably because of the prejudices we have accquied over years or is it because of promotion of abstract thinking.
It looks easy if you don’t have to worry about the concrete details and do things abstractly, I think it is in certain scenarios.
but it wasn’t meant to kill our concrete thinking, abstract thinking was made to help us combat complicated problems.
but now it seems people are forgetting this and using the tool as is.
Abstract thinking is engulfing logic and reasoning, people tend to question less and accept the thing as is.
I know this might not be true for all of us, but fighting all the prejudice and re-configuring your brain is a hard task.
I wish there was more research in this field.

Disclaimer : Opinions expressed in this post are my own and without any scientific backing, at some point I might want to pursue this scientifically. If that happens, I will update this post with my discovery and conclusion if any.

A much needed break …

oh here I am again, blabbering about my life ;), now missing text here.  Admiration doesn’t last long does it . 😛 , also I needed time off from my projects, programming and gaming so here I am to socialize with REAL PEOPLE.

turns out spending time with friends is fun, the headache i had for a while is gone, I hope i can enjoy the new year as well. I have done so many idiotic things to socialize.

I am late but a happy xmas and a Very Happy New year..

“*insert carol here * wish you merry Christmas wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year ;)”