Living life on how I decided to

Last year I promised myself I won’t back off from opportunities, chances that come knocking. I am happy to say that I am living upto that.
Recently I met a girl via an online dating site, one of a kind (that’s what they all say right? well not quite) Intellectual, rational, girls you rarely come across, anyhow point is she was very far away from where I lived and relationships require a connection which online shit doesn’t help with., online stuff just doesn’t work out, she might think I am an idiot for pursuing her for so long but I guess it all goes back to the promise I made to myself, “Never to have regrets”.
Anyhow if you ever come across this post I am sorry.
I have given up on finding love online, maybe life is better alone. who knows.
Another shitty rant by a guy with no social skills, Life is Hard.

Learning electronics and the road ahead..

So long since I last wrote, Nowadays I am learning electronics (making things and theory), hope I will be able to get good at this, Not much happening nowadays.


I am using for circuit visualization and I am learning from and Two books I have bought and

I will keep you posted about things I make.

Nihongo Log #2 five magical kana

Today i learned about the five magical kana namely

あ -> अ
い -> इ
う -> उ
え -> ऐ
お -> ओ

I had no trouble pronouncing them as they have sound similar to हिंदी characters.
hopefully I will be able to keep up my motivation and work towards my goal of learning にほんご(Japanese)(जापानी).

I love textfugu, forces me to do stuff I normally don’t.For hiragana reference chart visit


It’s been a long while since I last wrote (other than that song dump). life has been boring for a while nothing new.

Javascript is my new love because Node.js, I have been planning on working on a project for PS Vita community hope I can commence it soon.

It’s been so boring that I am back to questioning why we exists and what is purpose of my life. I don’t even know what to do anymore, it’s that time of the year I guess.

Oh and I started learning Japanese a while ago so that’s something I am working on, My native language has sound similar to Japanese so pronunciation is not a problem though I am struggling with remembering the Kanas, I got plenty of them down my head but still a long way to go. let’s see if I can keep up with this. :s

I am nearly done with my college and as I look back now there’s nothing significant I achieved or did in the past 3 years. I did grow as an adult I learned about world and its ways.

With little to almost no social interaction it’s hard to keep up in this world.yet I question to myself do I really need a life. I guess time will tell.

ARM VM on Windows

So here I was watching video lectures on Open Security Training , I stumbled across the Intro to ARM course.
for all you windows users who want to setup ARM VM using qemu on Windows, follow these instructions as the one mentioned on Authors Blog didn’t work out for me.

Step 1:
Download qemu from

either w32 or w64 and install it.

Add the directory to your PATH variable, which in my case was

H:\Program Files (x86)\qemu

Step 2:
Get image:

gunzip vexpress-a9-nano.img.gz

You can either download the attached vmlinuz , initrd.img

extract them yourselves from the vexpress.img

Get image:
gunzip vexpress-a9-nano.img.gz

Extract kernel and initrd:

(IMG=vexpress.img ; if [ -e “$IMG” ] ; then sudo mount -o loop,offset=”$(file “$IMG” | awk ‘BEGIN { RS=”;”; } /partition 2/ { print $7*512; }’)” -t auto “$IMG” /mnt/mnt; else echo “$IMG not found”; fi )

sudo cp -vr /mnt/mnt/boot .
sudo chown -R youruser:youruser boot
sudo umount /mnt/mnt

You end up with a number of images in .boot:


Copy the original vexpress image, vmlinuz.* and initrd.* somewhere where you want to keep your VM.

It will end up looking something like this

Step 3:
open command windows inside the directory where you extracted vexpress.img , vmlinuz , initrd.img and run following command

qemu-system-arm -M vexpress-a9 -cpu cortex-a9 -kernel ./vmlinuz -initrd ./initrd.img -redir tcp:5022::22 -m 1024 -append “root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 vga=normal mem=512M devtmpfs.mount=0 rw” -drive file=vexpress.img,if=sd,cache=writeback

you can create a batch file if you don’t want to do it everytime you want to run a VM.

Projects !

There are 3 Projects I am currently working on , after realizing that I need to use a specific coding style so that my projects remain consistent and easily understandable I will be reading on google coding style.


My High Prioirty projects include


“A 2D Side Scroller.”



“An Operating system project.”


and my mid/low priority project incude


“An IRC bot fully written in C.”